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at Clemson- Post-Game Press Conference
The Rivalry
The Record

USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"Hopefully, whatever bad things happened to South Carolina football may be erased today. Sometimes a game like this can do it, but time will tell if this one we can look back on two, three, four, five years from now and say that was a turnaround game."

It was extremely important to our fans."

"They lived with a lot of crap over the years, a lot more than me and most all of our players who've only been here like two, three years. So, we don't know this rivalry quite as well as our fans know it."

"So, at Gamecock Club (meetings) this summer come by and be ready to purchase your game ball. I'll assure you, I'll autograph it for anyone who wants one."

"Mike Davis and Cory, they can make an 8-yard run when it's just a four-yard blocking run. That's what keeps those drives going."

"Tell 'em it (going to Miami) ain't going to happen. There's no question. You heard me talk about winning the SEC here, and that's my goal."

"We'll go wherever they tell us to.  But it is nice to be fully qualified (bowl-eligible) instead of hoping they don't take Alabama."

USC Player Quotes:

Cory Boyd:

"Virginia Tech shoved it down their throats. We felt as though we could do the same thing. We knew they had some flaws in their defense."

"Once you pound on somebody for a long time, things can change.  That's exactly what happened: You felt the change in their defense."

"I really didn't pay too much attention to the Spiller and Davis thing. Hopefully, we went out and showed the nation that we have a Mike Davis and Cory Boyd thing.  Who knows? Me and Mike Davis can be one of the greatest in Columbia, Carolina or whatever way you want to put it."

Kenny McKinley:

"It's a rivalry for me, no doubt about that. It's a big game. Next year, I can't wait to play these guys next year. They beat us (four) times, and we want to see how many times we can beat them."

Syvelle Newton:

"To end my college career ... what was going through my mind was we finally got them, we finally beat them. We finally caught the Tiger. It just felt great. I'm just going to enjoy this win, probably enjoy it for the rest of my life. It's something we can always go back and talk about, this win right here."

Blake Mitchell:

"Those fans have seen us get beat many times. It feels great to give them bragging rights for a year."

Sidney Rice:

"Coach said it's only a rivalry if we win one here or there. We got one."

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden:

On losing: "I remember it (how it feels to lose) now. It comes back pretty quick when you lose. ... When you don't lose very often, which we haven't, it definitely hurts a lot more. Now, I see why you want to win it every year."

"You never want to lose to your rival. But I think you have to be realistic. Sure, I'd love for it to have been five out of five. Five out of five hasn't been done in 66 years. There's a reason it hasn't been done in 66 years. It's hard to do."

"Tell 'em it (going to Miami) ain't going to happen. There's no question. You heard me talk about winning the SEC here, and that's my goal."   ~Steve Spurrier (on his status at USC)