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Georgia Post-Game Quotes
The Rivalry
The Record

USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"This is the first one we have won against Georgia since I have been here. Somehow or another we scored 16 points, it was a wonderful win. It wasn't a shocker, we thought we would win this game, we are two evenly-matched teams. We made all of our field goals and kept Georgia out of the endzone. We are 1-0 in the SEC.

"It was a funny start to the game with one guy getting two personal fouls. We had a lot of chances to score and we let them slip through. This win is a step forward for this team and I think it was a good solid ugly win.

"We have a lot of Georgia guys on team and we gave out a lot of game balls to those players.

"On the last drive we ran off two gains of 10+ yards but we were trying for 8 or 9 yards to keep the clock running.

"This game is like the game two years ago. We had squeaked out a win vs. Central Florida and Georgia beat Boise state pretty good. That game had some missed field goals, some missed extra points and (Georgia) won the ugly game. This year we won the ugly game after struggling with Louisiana-Lafayette, and Georgia beating Oklahoma State handily."

USC Player Quotes:

Blake Mitchell:

"This game shows we can win the big game. We knew we could match up because we knew they were fast but we weren't scared. We knew we could throw at them and we could match up well with the run. Our defense went out there and played very well. We can't get overconfident but this is a big win. Our line blocked awesome for the run, and things happened. This is a real big win for me."

Jasper Brinkley:

"This feels great. Personally I had a chip on my shoulder so it makes it even better. Our defensive line got a lot of pressure on their offense, this is the best defense we have had since I have been here. This is a stepping stone to get to the SEC championship and what we did tonight we could do all season. This let everyone in the country know that we could play with anybody and win the big game."

Eric Norwood:

"This is a big win for our team and we will go on with a lot of confidence. We are not surprised with this win. We know we are a good team and can play with Georgia. We knew we could keep them from the endzone especially after the first few series. We got a lot of pressure on their QB and made things happen."

"We have a lot of Georgia guys on team and we gave out a lot of game balls to those players."  ~Steve Spurrier