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Georgia Post-Game Comments
The Rivalry
The Record


USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"We tried once to get the ball in along the goal line but just couldn't get it in. And Georgia tried to run it in on us in the first half, but they couldn't get in either.

"I'm proud of the effort of our guys, I told them it could have definitely been worse. And Moe Brown made some nice catches and made the only touchdown of the game.

"We need to win close games. Our last two games, we lost by seven. That determines the difference between a good year and a so-so year. But we've got time to get it back.

"The defense played well the whole game. We had a little miscommunication, but they still played well. They allowed 14 points, and we should've scored 17, but we didn't. We could've, we had time.

"[Stephen] Garcia got a little lost out there. He thought he had a guy deep on the right sideline, but he came off of it and got sacked because of it. But we're going to continue to let him play here and there.

"It was a heartbreaker for us, but we'll get over it and bounce back. It just didn't work out."

USC Player Quotes:

Chris Smelley:

"We're staying positive. We moved the ball well in the second half. The offensive line played really well in the second half and gave me a lot of time.

"Moe (Brown) was able to make plays. He wanted the ball to come his way.

"We had a chance to do something the Gamecocks have never done. We know we're a good team. We need to put it all together and do what we're capable of."

Stephen Garcia:

"Coach (Spurrier) told me to be ready throughout the game. It felt good to go in. It's been two years since my last game, and I was excited. I wish the outcome would have been better.

"It was pretty uplifting to hear the crowd welcome me like they did after all that I've been through. To still have their support was amazing."

Jasper Brinkley:

"Anytime you get a loss, no matter how hard you played, it's tough. You still don't feel like you did enough."

(On Georgia's offense)
"We knew they were going to play smashmouth football and we were ready for it."

Captain Munnerlyn:

"I thought we were getting this one. We were driving down, but just came up short."

(On the play of the defense)
"I think we did good, not great. We can still do better."

Moe Brown:

"Kenny (McKinley) went down and I told myself that I needed to step up. I finally got to show everyone what I can do.

"All the numbers are great, but the point of the game is to score. We need to play more efficiently in the red zone."

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt:

"I can say with all honesty, my gut has churched more in this series, and on this field, than any other times since I have been at Georgia. Our defense knew they would have to rise up.

"We found a way to win, and I am so thankful. We're 1-0 in the Southeastern Conference against an outstanding defense.

"South Carolina's offensive line did a really nice job of providing a lot of time for [Chris] Smelly to throw the football. They absolutely know what they're doing, throwing and catching."