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Wofford Post-Game Quotes
The Rivalry
The Record


USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"We're a struggling bunch. We got to start hitting passes down field and see if we can't do a little bit better.

"It was a good win for us. I thought our guys played with a pretty good effort most of the time. Our defense played really well, better than two years ago. And even though we didn't do much offensively, we stayed out there a bit and made a bunch of third downs. It was an ugly game, but it is what it is. We're happy to get a win and move on.

"Wofford's got a pretty good defense, but obviously their talent is not anywhere near what we've been facing. But somehow we have got to find a way to score some touchdowns.

"We've got to do something different. We played a whole bunch of running backs. I think Mike Davis had one of his best games. He caught those little screens nicely.

"It was good to win a game in the fourth quarter. We were never behind, but it was up in the air anyways, and it was good to score the last touchdown in a game for a change.

"We've got to get some more passes to the wide receivers. We just didn't get much down field, but we'll keep trying.

"Offensively we caught a whole bunch of passes, so we shortened it up and played to try and win the game. It's what we have to do, so hopefully we can drop back and throw the ball 30 yards down the field some day. Right now we're afraid to do it, just scared to get sacked, or scared to throw an interception. We've got to keep trying people to see if we can start to throw the ball down the field.

"Brian (Maddox) did some good things. Eric Baker had 49 yards and Brian (Maddox) had 52 and the touchdown. He had some nice runs in there. The blocking wasn't all that super at times we couldn't smash it in there for four yards against Wofford.

"The game is close, the game is tight and our quarterback went back got sacked and fumbled. You can lose the game right there. Our defense was playing well. We knew we might have trouble stopping them a little bit I think. They had more yards against us than anybody else the entire year."

USC Player Quotes:

Chris Smelley:

"It was an unusual game. There weren't too many first downs. There weren't any punts. We just couldn't score any touchdowns.

"All I can do is go out and do what I can. I'm going to play hard. They came out and played hard. We didn't execute as well as we should have, but it was good to get the win."

Dion Lecorn:

"Wofford played well. We are happy with the win, but we wish we could have scored a few more points."

Brian Maddox:

"I'm fine with sharing the ball with the other backs. We ran well and had around the same number of rushes.

"It's always tough when you play a team like that. They run the ball well and we knew they would. Our quarterback played well. We're behind him 100%."

Eric Baker:

"All around we need to get better. We have to run hard and execute on the practice field first."

Emanuel Cook:

"They did an excellent job executing. We did an okay job on defense. We had a few mistakes here and there and they took advantage of them. They played an excellent game. They won their conference last year and we knew they'd be tough."

Wofford Head Coach Mike Ayers

"First and foremost, I am proud of the kids. We came down and were playing a great group of athletes. We were playing a dominant defense. They took on the number two team in the nation, should have whipped them. They have a mistake on the goal line, turn it over, and they end up losing the ball game. We knew that it would be difficult. But, at the same time, we knew that if we played hard, stayed away from penalties, stayed away from putting the ball on the ground, and interceptions, that we'd be having a shot in this ball game. I couldn't be more proud of the defense.

"We played a lot of defense. We had our chances, but, I'm proud of our kids. I think we're a better football team now coming out of the game than we were when we came in. That was part of our goal. Of course it was to win, but we wanted to come out of this thing with a positive feeling. I think that our kids realized that they went against some really good players and went toe to toe with them and didn't blink.

"You hope that the guys will be motivated and improve because if you improve every week, you have a chance to win every week.

"I really think that our kids hung in there. They battled. I thought our coaches did a nice job, as far as making adjustments. In the past three years, this is two times that we have come down here and gotten after them. I am sure that South Carolina is happy with the win. Coach Spurrier was very gracious after the game. We were almost there again. Hopefully, we'll learn and grow from it and get better."