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USC-UAB Post Game Quotes
The Rivalry
The Record


USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"I said I wasn't going to get mad, and I tried hard not to get too mad. I apologized to our second- and third-team offensive guys because they didn't get to play a lot tonight. I thought we'd have a chance to score a lot of points and get everybody in the game, but we didn't do it.

"We tried to do a lot more plays going down field but we couldn't quite hit it. We just couldn't get it done.

"We had a lot of guys that did not play their best. Their effort level and the way they play is just sad. So we're going to keep trying to make some changes to fix it.

"Stephen Garcia did some good things today. His rushing was what really helped us.

"Obviously we got to let Garcia play, and he's got to live with his mistakes. And obviously we can't audible very much, but he can run out there.

"We still have a lot of work to do. We have to fix our errors ,and we have mistakes to get over to prepare for Ole Miss next week."

USC Player Quotes:

Captain Munnerlyn:

"Defensively I think we played a good game. We were able to come up with a few turnovers. I feel like we played okay."

Brian Maddox:

"I visualized making a catch in my sleep, and it happened.

"We have to get better and work hard this week. We need to work hard during the week to get ready for Ole Miss. They had a big win today, and we need to be ready for them.

"We have to come week in and week out. We need to exert ourselves and get ready for the game during practice."

Stephen Garcia:

"I think I did all right. I had a few mishaps, but I think I did okay.

"The offensive line played great. I had a lot of time to throw the ball."

(On tonight's game overall)
"It's not where we're capable of being. We have a long season ahead of us. We'll be all right, and we'll come together."

Bobby Wallace:

"It felt great to have an opportunity to play. It was fun.

"I can contribute, but we have smart coaches. When they need me I'll be ready to contribute."

UAB Head Coach Neil Callaway

"Congratulations to South Carolina, particularly their defense. I thought Ellis Johnson did an outstanding job. He's really got their defense playing well. I am somewhat proud of our defense. I thought we tried to hang in there with them a little bit. I am very disappointed in our offense. I don't think we gave ourselves a chance. South Carolina is a good defensive football team, but we made so many mistakes, penalties, that we're not giving ourselves a chance."

(On The South Carolina Defense)
"They're very physical up front. They do a great job scheme-wise, matching up and recognizing what you're doing. They pressed us. They're better than Tennessee. They're the best defense we've played against."