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Carolina-Tennesee Post-Game Quotes
The Rivalry
The Record


USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"It was a good game for television, I guess, but it wasn't a very good game for us. We had our chances but we weren't good enough to win the game tonight. You have to give Tennessee credit for kicking the field goal in overtime and we couldn't make one. They tried to fumble it to us a couple of times on their last drive but we couldn't get either one of them. We couldn't cover the kickoff very well to pin them back in there. They outplayed us and they won the game. You have to give them credit.

"The first half we weren't very good. We roughed the kicker, had stupid, careless penalties and a fumble. We weren't real smart and weren't real good at times. We had a pretty good second half but it didn't work.

"We played just good enough to lose that's about how well we played. We made some yards and hit some passes but in the clutch we didn't hit crap and we got beat. We played just good enough to get our butts beat."

USC Player Quotes:

Blake Mitchell:

"It's disappointing we were down, we fought back and gave ourselves a chance it just came up a little short. The offense in the second half was there it was just a matter of hitting things and taking what they gave us and I think we did a decent job of that. We ran the ball pretty well and the offensive line a pretty good job, we just shot ourselves in the foot in the first half.

"We have to comeback strong. We showed we could come from behind. We just have to go out there and learn to finish."

Ryan Succop:

"The first kick the team did a great job and put us in position and the Lord blessed us to go out there and make the kick. The second kick, we have to thank God for the position that I was in, it was just unfortunate that I couldn't make it. It just came off my foot a little to the right. Everybody is pretty upset but we can't hang our heads from here, we have to get going on and get ready for Monday's practice."