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Post-Game Quotes
The Rivalry
The Record


USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"They had a little more rushing yards then we did, but our defense played really well. We got one score. We had some chances there in the second half.

"It was a tough night, we had our chances, but our fans were super. I wish it could have been a winner for our fans.

"Kenny [McKinley] had some big plays for us though. Maybe we should have tried to run a bit more. We can't seem to get too many yards though.

"We put the ball in the hands of a freshman quarterback who hadn't started before, and it didn't work out how we wanted. We'll regroup and try to get ready for Tennessee. We thought we could, but we just couldn't block them. They surprised us with a couple blitzes.

"I hadn't prepared him [Stephen Garcia] to call timeouts [in late-game situations]. He was learning. It was all learning for him tonight."

(On LSU's play calling)
"They played a little different. I give them credit for changing a little of their coverage. They changed it up a little bit. They executed well, their d-line is very good."

(On game conditions and duration)
"It was the coolest [temperature] game we've had all year. That's the most plays they've [the defense] had to play all year. We've got to run the ball like they did. We got to run the ball and change our ways a little."

(On the rushing offense)
"We had a lot of push. LSU is a big team. Florida ran them for a bunch of yards, he must try to run better."

(On receivers)
"Jared [Cook] catches a lot of balls usually. He had some opportunities. Weslye [Saunders] had some catches there. He had some good plays, but not enough. We did well in the fourth quarter in the last few games. We did well in the fourth quarter this game. LSU zoned up for the fourth and they changed their cover."

(On LSU using two quarterbacks)
"I guess they feel confident that they are both capable. Talent wise they are pretty close to even. They did it last year, and won the national championship, so they are confident they can do it."

USC Player Quotes:

Eric Norwood:

"We just have to win. It's as simple as that. We have guys that are capable of playing. We just need to come together and play better. We'll go out the next two weeks and get ready for Tennessee."

Kenny McKinley:

"Stephen (Garcia) is a good leader. He comes out and makes big time plays. He's a vocal leader for us and we're happy to have him as our quarterback. We're completely behind him."

LSU Head Coach Les Miles

"I want to congratulate South Carolina. They played awfully well. Hats off to them. The first half I felt like we were making some mistakes and shooting ourselves in the foot. We were trying to get a nasty taste in our mouth over with from last week. Our second half defense didn't allow them to score. It was a very satisfying victor, ,and I look forward to getting home and playing several weeks in a row at Tiger stadium.

"The situation and how we played Florida didn't settle well with us. It will be something we'll remember for some time. I think this was certainly the way to put it in the rearview mirror. But we will have learned from both of these two games, how to play and what not to do. There were some real big hits in that first half. If you looked at the contact being passed on that field, there was some serious contact.

"The defense had a lot of swagger. They were awfully strong that second half. If we play like that - offense, defense and special teams - we will play anybody in the country. There isn't any question, this was a big win. It was nice to put this one behind us. This team is a quality group of guys. I enjoy going to work with them. I enjoy my coaches. When you work this hard, you want them to achieve."