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Post-Game Quotes
The Rivalry
The Record


USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"It was a super defensive game, special teams game by the Gamecocks. On offense, the best thing we did was only having one turnover and no fumbles lost. We took care of the ball and played good field position.

"We gave the game ball to punter Spencer Lanning, Stoney Woodson made a big play on defense for us. This was a very defensive game where the turnovers made the difference. We got all the good ones, and that's why we won 27-6. We're proud of our guys. We're now bowl eligible. We're happy to be 6-3, and we're going to try to get 7-3 next week."

On Stephen Garcia:

"He's not familiar with everything. We have trouble sending plays in. He's just not ready. He hasn't been through a spring practice yet. But he's got a lot of ability to make plays, but he has got to know what's going on out there. Our biggest problem is blocking and running and throwing and catching on offense. That scramble play to Kenny McKinley got our only one play going, it was a heck of a play."

On defense:

"I'm gaining a deep appreciation for our defense and special teams. They were coached perfect tonight. I thought our stop on fourth and inches was huge. There were a lot of big plays by our defense, not too many by our offense. We punted eight times. I can't remember a time I won a game punting eight times.

On Kenny McKinley being the only receiver to catch a pass:

"We didn't throw too much. We got the lead, and we felt like we didn't need to make any serious mistakes to win the game. Our defense is playing too well to even attempt anything that could go wrong. We tried to win the game, and it turned out that was the correct way to approach it."

"The way our defense was, we didn't throw too many. We didn't make many first downs tonight, 11. It was struggle. Tennessee was tough, and we're not real tough. It was good enough to win the game, and we're proud of the entire team. Our effort was very good. The story of the game was our defense. Stoney Woodson made the big play."

USC Player Quotes:

Stephen Garcia:

"It's a good feeling. I guess the last time we beat them was three years ago. It's a good feeling to finally beat those guys. The defense pretty much won that game for us. They played unbelievable.

"It was awesome. The line did a great job of protecting me. Coach Spurrier worked with me a lot about getting rid of the ball if it's (the play) not there. No sacks are pretty good for us."

Captain Munnerlyn:

"We're going to go and work hard for a good bowl. Now we're going to go out on Monday and get ready for Arkansas next week. Nine and three sounds great. We had three tough losses, but nine and three would be great."

Chris Culliver:

"We were flying around out there. Coach Ellis (Johnson) was getting on us, telling us we were soft. But tonight was a special night. We came out hard, trying to hit, trying to pound. Coach Ellis has been telling us what to do, and I think we did that tonight."

"The offense has been struggling a little bit, and we tried to give them a little help tonight. Tennessee isn't on their game right now, so we tried to take advantage of that. We just kept going at them, and the coaches made some good calls. Stoney (Woodson) got a pick and took it to the house, and we forced some more turnovers. That's what the coaches said, we hadn't been creating enough turnovers, and that was a goal of ours."

Tennessee Head Coach Phil Fulmer

"I congratulate Coach Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks. Two not very good offenses playing against each other and ours was worse than their's was at times. Two turnovers from the offense that led directly to scores and punt returns were obviously the difference.

"I appreciate how our players during the course of the week responded to trying to get back healthy. We got a number of guys banged up but there are no excuses. I just appreciate their efforts to get back out.

"The frustration of the offensive team right now, on a scale of one to 10, is probably an 1. I thought Arian Foster played really well tonight, and I'm sure when we see the tapes, there will be some linemen mistakes. But we're just not any big plays.

"I appreciate the players getting back out there and working so hard. There were a lot of hurt feelings in the locker room because that is not the way Tennessee is supposed to be. It's not what they came here for."