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Post-Game Quotes
The Rivalry
The Record


USC Head Coach Steve Spurrier:

Opening Statement:

"With about four minutes left in the game, I was starting to like the game. We were able to run the ball the first time all year, control the clock and score some touchdowns. Then we started to get some interference calls. So it was a sad ending for a good game

"Jordin Lindsey made the play that turned the game around. Not many guys can jump up and intercept that pass. They can knock it down, but that thing stuck. Somebody said it was just like the Liberty Bowl, two years ago. He jumped up and got one, which helped turned that game around. So obviously, Jordin got the game ball.

"Defensively, they (Arkansas) made some third downs, two fourth downs. I'm still a little disappointed over that fourth quarter, which Coach Johnson is probably upset with the guys. But we played pretty well and still couldn't get them off the field.

"We had big plays but didn't play too well offensively. We just have open guys that just can't quite get contact. Kenny (McKinley) had a big game receiving, and Jared (Cook) had a couple of catches. We didn't throw it around like we'd hoped.

"I thought both quarterbacks played pretty decent, all things considered. I wish that one would play better, extremely better, than the other. Chris [Smelley] was a little bit better defensively, but Stephen [Garcia] also had some pretty good plays in there as well.

"We're 7-3 but still have a lot to work on. It was a good win for us. Things got tight for us there in the second half, but we had a couple of guys make some big plays.

"We're not a great running team, but we stayed around until the fourth quarter. We just have to keep trying for those big plays."

USC Player Quotes:

Stephen Garcia:

"There were a few passes that I wished I had back, like when I overthrew Kenny (McKinley) when he was wide open. I didn't adjust to the wind very well, and I just overthrew him."

Jordin Lindsey:

"This year I've been more motivated to do well because I worked so hard to get back. I knew this whole year was going to be important to me, so I'm playing like it."

On the interception
"I saw the tight end come across my face, so I knew it was going to be a short pass. I was able to get my hands up at the right time and it stuck. Then I tried to get as far as I could with it."

"We had a big speech and knew that someone was going to have to step up and make a big play. Luckily I was the one that was able to do that for our defense. I'm glad it happened this game because we needed something to change the pace of the game. I had a lot of family and friends here, so it was good to do that for them and our fans."

Eric Norwood:

"I think we played well, but we had some penalties and gave up a few more yards than usual. We'll have to work hard this week to correct that."

On the significance of the win
"Seven wins are pretty good as far as bowl games and postseason play go. We're really trying to work on finishing the season out strong like Coach Spurrier's been preaching to us around here for the last couple of years. That's what we're trying to do."

Kenny McKinley:

On having 130 yards receiving on Senior Day
"It was a big game to have it on. It was my last day here (at Williams-Brice). This is a blessing to come out here for my last game at home. We had a good game on offense. The defense played pretty good. Everybody played well. It came around."

On adjusting to the QB shuffle
"Both of them played well, so it wasn't too hard. They were both putting the ball where it needed to be."

On his memories of Williams-Brice Stadium
"This is my foundation. This is where it all started for me. I played quarterback in high school so this is where it all started for me (as a receiver). I thank the fans, Coach Spurrier, Jr., all of the guys ahead of me, and all of my teammates now."

On Sterling Sharpe
"It's a big accomplishment just to be mentioned with Sterling Sharpe. He called me when I broke his first record, and I was just like a little boy. He's one of the greats, and just for me to talk to him, to pick his brain a little and gain knowledge from him is a big thing. I'm just so humble about this."

Chris Smelley:

On the quarterback rotation
"It was interesting. We practiced it a little bit this week. We weren't exactly sure how we were going to do it, but it worked out. We got the win, which is what we came out here to do.

"You hear people talk about getting into a rhythm and all that stuff, but I think we felt pretty good out there. It didn't take away from our performance."

On the running game
"That was pretty impressive. That one drive, we ran the whole time and milked the clock. We were able to get it all the way down the field and score. Maybe we can carry that momentum into next week."

On getting that seventh win and ensuring a bowl
"It feels good. Everybody wants to get into a bowl. We missed out on it last year. It feels good to get back there. Hopefully, with these next two games, we can make it as big of a bowl that we can possibly get in."

Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino

"That's a disappointing game for me. I didn't like the way we came out offensively in the first half. We were unable to move the ball, unable to execute. I did feel like in the first half our defense was playing really hard and doing some good things, they kept us in the game. I am disappointed in that game. I thought we should have played a lot better than that.

"Casey (Dick) got hit, it looked like helmet to helmet. When he came over, I didn't like the way he looked. I made the decision to put Nathan (Dick) in. I liked the way Nathan operated. He did some real nice things. He made some good throws. He made some real nice decisions.

"We're pretty banged up. We had a lot of guys that didn't make the trip, but that's part of football. You have to have enough depth.

"I'm just disappointed we couldn't put it together. We couldn't put the offense and the defense together and play four good quarters of football.

"On a bye week next week: We needed a bye. It's a good time for us to have a bi. We need to make sure we get healthy. It's a good time to get refreshed. Get them away from the coaches for a while and the coaches get away from the players for a while and get back and win a game."